Emma Watson’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Yes to Sports!

March 28, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

English actress Emma Watson got her breakthrough role as Hermione Granger from the hugely successful Harry Potter series. Now 20 years old, the 5 foot 6, doe-eyed stunner is easily one of the prettiest and most successful stars of her generation. She’s the face of  famous brands Burberry and Lancome, and has been photographed by the world’s best photographers, including Karl Lagerfield, Mario Testino and Nick Knight.  Here, the fashionable beauty shares that her good genes play a role in her naturally svelte physique, but also dishes on the diet and exercise routine that helps her keep it.

Emma-Watson.jpg"It’s just not something that I aspire to, to be super-skinny," Emma shares. "It’s not inspirational at all for me. I’m lucky that I’m this size naturally. I don’t diet…I love chocolate and pasta and I love baking. I make a great raspberry amaretto cake."

Emma Watson’s diet involves using a healthy diet plan wherein she consumes foods that contain low amounts of sugar, saturated fat and salt.

She likewise stays away from eating any fast foods, and junk foods, and instead eats a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, leans meats and healthy salads.

But like other celebrities, Emma Watson’s diet gives a day for her to eat whatever she wants. She admits that she loves eating chocolates and pasta and even bakes for herself.

Emma also recently discovered that she love bagels and is one of her favourite treats for herself.

For Emma Watson’s exercise routine, she enjoys playing hockey and hill walking which she has been doing when she was still studying.

"For some reason, girls seem to think it being athletic is unfeminine and they worry about being ‘pretty’," says Emma. "But I feel the most pretty when I come off the pitch after a field hockey game and I’ve got pink cheeks and bright eyes. Sports really make me feel good about myself."

At times, Emma is seen walking to and from the gym at Brown University in Providence. Sometimes, she also exercises with her Uni friends for about 90 minutes each workout to keep her in great shape.

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