eDiets Coming to a Channel Near You

August 21, 2012

Diet Plans

Anyone who is familiar with eDiets will be excited to learn that company will soon be merged into As Seen on TV, Inc. (ASTV).  ASTV has enthusiastic plans to make the popular weight loss company available through television promotion and celebrity-endorsed infomercials.

The eDiets website is currently a fabulous Internet resource for people who are struggling to lose weight.  The site features a free diet profile that helps you decide which diet will work the best for you.  After you answer a few easy questions, eDiets compiles your information and recommends the top three diet plans for you out of over 15 different ones offered on the site.  You will find specific plans for high-fiber, wheat-free, low-sodium and vegetarian diets as well as many others.

After you decide which diet to follow, eDiets provides everything you need through a low-cost subscription plan.  When you subscribe to eDiets, you will have quick access to your own customized menu, delicious recipes, a personalized fitness program and a supportive online community.  In addition, registered dietitians who can answer your diet and fitness questions will only be a phone call away!  You can add on custom meal delivery to receive healthy, tasty meals that are made fresh, delivered fresh and never dehydrated.

The company has already helped millions of people lose their unhealthy, unwanted pounds, and this merger with ASTV will help eDiets reach millions more who are searching for weight loss success.  Check out eDiets.com today to see how eDiets can make it easy for you to quickly lose weight and reach your health goals.  In addition, watch for eDiets to appear soon on a channel near you!


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