Eat a healthy breakfast for a healthy heart

May 3, 2009

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You already know how important is breakfast for your health and that you need calcium for a healthy body. It seems that eating breakfast and cereals are extremely important for a healthy heart.

A heart will function better if it resides in a healthy body. A series of studies have shown that persons that eat breakfast daily have a healthier lifestyle and tend to eat much more healthy foods. Healthy foods are the ones poor in fats and rich proteins and carbohydrates. Eating this type of food will lead to a weight between normal limits in time, while keeping you healthy. Plus the people that eat breakfast have a metabolic rate that is 3 to 4 times higher than the ones that skip breakfast.


A breakfast rich in carbohydrates and poor in fats doesn’t just give you a mega energy boost. It fights against clogged and thickened arteries, the cause of millions heart attacks. From a statistic point of view it seems that people that eat breakfast have a better blood circulation because the coagulation factor of the blood is lower. Also the cholesterol level is also lower compared to those that make lunch the first meal of the day.

The authors of the studies have concluded that the worst eating habit that someone can have is skipping over eating breakfast. It is really bad for you health. The best food to eat for breakfast seems to be healthy cereals rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals.

3 tricks you can use to get into the habit of eating breakfast daily:

  • -skip supper or eat something light for supper. You will sleep better and you will wake up really hungry.
  • – eat something tasty and healthy for breakfast like cereals with fruits, yogurt or milk. When you will realize how good you feel because of this habit you will never go back to your old way of eating.
  • -force yourself to eat something when you wake up for three days in a row. You will see that on the fourth day you will feel the need to eat something.
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