Dynamic Stretching Is Great For Warming Up

June 13, 2009

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Dynamic stretching uses ample, dynamic and fast executed moves. You don’t start in full force the dynamic stretching exercise. You build up to a maximum intensity point. Some dynamic stretching moves are rotating your arms and hips, stretching your legs doing hip flexor stretches.

For example you can lie on your back and with your hand bring your knees to your chest and hole them there for a couple of seconds. Put your legs apart, but not too apart and try to touch your toes with your hands without bending your knees. For a more advanced stretch try to touch your right foot toe with your left hand fingers. Reverse hand and foot and do the same thing. Alternate the movements. Do the exercise 10 times for each foot. Be energetic when doing the exercise. If you feel any spine pain, stop immediately.


Find a straight stick. Lift your hands above your head and holt the stick by its ends. Lower your hands so that the stick passes behind your head reaching just above your shoulders. This is the starting position for the following stretching exercise: bend to one side without moving or releasing the stick. Don’t bend beyond the line of your waist. After that you bend to your other side. Alternate the movements in an energetic manner but not too fast. Do 10 dynamic stretches to each side.

If you have a Swiss ball you can try the following exercise. Stay on your feet with your hands on your waistline. Bend one of your leg and put your knee on the Swiss ball. Hold your balance and propping yourself on the Swiss ball. You move the leg found on the ball to its exterior. When you feel your inner thigh stretching you can move your leg to the initial position. After doing 10 dynamic stretches for one leg switch it and do 10 with the other.

These are just a few dynamic stretching exercises. There are much more to choose from. Find the ones that you like and use them to warm up.

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