Drink 2 Glasses of Milk to Lose Weight and Build Muscles

May 28, 2010

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The McMaster University recently finished a study involving the beneficial effects on women of drinking milk after doing strength exercises. In a previous study it was shown that milk has amazing effects on the muscle growth men can experience after doing strength training exercises. After the researchers found enough women willing to pump some iron the results were just as amazing, even more so.

The women participants in the study not only toned their muscles they also got to burn a lot of fat. In fact it seems that there is a direct correlation between the two. The more muscle mass they gained the more fat they lost. This means that at the end of the experiment the women weight the same but were in a greater physical shape.

According to Stu Phillips professor in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University "Resistance training is not a typical choice of exercise for women, but the health benefits of resistance training are enormous: It boosts strength, bone, muscular and metabolic health in a way that other types of exercise cannot." So if you are a women or not strength training will help you improve your weight. Don’t avoid it.

"We expected the gains in muscle mass to be greater, but the size of the fat loss surprised us. We’re still not sure what causes this but we’re investigating that now. It could be the combination of calcium, high-quality protein, and vitamin D may be the key, and. conveniently, all of these nutrients are in milk” said Phillips.

Considering these findings, and the results of the study on the health benefits of milk for men, drinking milk is becoming more appealing with each passing day. Instead of spending a fortune on protein shake and bars or energy shakes and bars it is a lot more convenient, cheap and effective to drink a glass or two of milk.

Milk contains lots of proteins which make it the perfect drink after a strength training workout. You will tone and strengthen your muscles, speed up your metabolism and burn the fat away. What more can you ask for?

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