Quick Weight Loss Tip: Sleeping Your Way To Success

When one desires of losing weight, people rely on weight loss programs and healthy eating guidelines to shed the extra pounds fast, but there is one tip they need to take care of apart from regular exercise and a balanced diet… Sleep.

Who knew sleep could be the make or break tip to quick weight loss success? Often overlooked but is one of the most effortless things one can do, not many realize that sleep is a major component to successful shedding of the pounds. Research studies have shown that sleep deprived individuals have higher amounts of body fat compared to people who got an average of 7 hours of sleep every night.


Being deprived of sleep makes one vulnerable to a number of illnesses; it also induces hunger and improve appetite which often results to overeating. 

The recovery and downtime you get in your sleep fuels the fat burning and muscle growth process of the human body.

Inadequate sleep interfers with the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates and causes a spike in the blood glucose levels, leading to higher blod insulin levels and greater body fat storage.

A study published in the Internal Medicine Annals revealed a link between sleep and quick weight loss in a scientific manner, and found out sleep deprived individuals who only got five hours or less of sleep per night were one-third more likely to gain at least 30 pounds over the course of the study.

Individuals desiring quick weight loss success should not take for granted the holy trinity of health: Exercise, eating right and getting a good night’s rest. Every person is a little different when it comes to required restful sleep, and making sleep one of your weight loss priority will be vital to your overall success. Keep this in mind: When the body is satisfied with sleep, it would be satisfied with the right amount of food, too.


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