Don’t Let Your Diet Stress You Out

July 6, 2010

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I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.~Mae West

Stress is a killer. Don’t let your diet stress you out. If you crumble under the pressure of your cravings once, get back on your diet the next day. After that don’t worry about if you will be able to stick to your diet this time or not. Learn to go with the flow.

Stress is actually fattening. A number of studies have proven that people under stress tend to gain weight. So how do you expect to lose weight by dieting if you are stressed by dieting. In fact you should avoid any form of stress while losing weight. I have heard of people losing weight just by eliminating stress form their life. Nothing else.

The things that happened in your past are gone and cannot shape your future. It is all up to you. Being stressed about them, wondering if they might happen again or not, is nonproductive. A better way to spend your time is by searching for solutions.

For example, after you break your diet, take some time off. Think of something that might prevent it from happening again. Analyze the perfect time to set in motion your plan if you sense your past failures preparing to get repeated in your present. Once you have an action plan you can relax. You know exactly what has to be done in case the past starts repeating itself.

Finding leverage on yourself and pushing your own hot buttons is the best way to make weight loss a pleasant and easy experience. Plus you get to know yourself better in the process. Say you love eating cheesecake (I know I do). Then you can use cheesecake as a dieting good behavior reward. If you stick to your diet for X day you can have one slice of cheesecake.

If the above methods don’t eliminate all your stress related to dieting, you should start meditating. Get some meditation music, set a quiet corner in your house dedicated to meditation and start meditating. It’s easy to do and it quiets your mind. Meditation also helps you get to know the real you, behind the smoke and mirrors. It is a great thing to do each day for at least 5 minutes.

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