Does Your Kid Need To Lose Weight Fast?

Losing weight is difficult, no doubt about that, but even more so for kids. The diets that work for the adults can do more harm than good, because they’re targeted at more mature metabolisms. So in this age of modern living, where supersizing is common and kids watch television instead of playing outdors or reading a book, how does a parent help their kid lose weight fast? Here are our surefire health strategies for troubled dads and moms.

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1. Make healthy eating and exercise fun!

Involve your kids in shopping, meal planning and cooking. Guide them in picking out healthy food to eat. There are many varieties of fruits and vegetables available, and if they don’t like a particular veggie, they could always try another.

Find a physical activity your kids will enjoy: adventurous hikes, bike rides, playing sports, jumping on a trampoline, etc. These are very good cardio workouts, and are even more rewarding than winning a game of Guitar Hero.

2. Don’t totally restrict what your kid considers as "fun food"

Practice a strategy on your kids. You can allow an 85% healthy, 15% fun food diet, just because diets that are too restrictive will just backfire with a vengeance. Limit and cut down on the not-so-healthy stuff, but don’t eliminate it. Just like in adult dieting, the occasional indulgences will stop the feeling of food deprivation.

3. Encourage a lot of water consumption

Most kids dislike having to drink water, but encouraging them to love water will help in speeding up the weight loss process. Water is a natural appetite supressant, and will help your kid feel full longer.

4. Talk to a doctor for help

It’s going to be tough getting your kids to try your new healthy way of living. Kids usually stick to a routine and hate change. Sometimes, kids listen better and are much more likely to follow the diet when they hear the information from someone else. Plus, qualified pediatricians and registered dieticians have extensive knowledge on things like these. They will know how to approach your child.

5. Be a role model

The best way for a kid to learn is through role modeling. Be an example to your kids. He will eat healthier if he sees that you are eating healthier too. Never single out one child struggling with losing weight fast. If the child needs to start eating better and exercising regularly, the entire family should also get on the health program.


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