Digestive Disorders Treatments with the Help of Green Tea

February 22, 2010

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Green tea should be drunk with food, slowly and in small sips, because this way it acts best against stomach acidity content. After a meal that was high in fat, for example, heartburns may occur because of the acidity that comes back into the esophagus. Since green tea is classified as having an alkaline effect, one or two cups during a meal can reduce the degree of acidity of the stomach. The health benefits of green tea are many.

What digestive disorders can green tea cure:

A diet that is too rich in meat, sausage, dairy products and sweets leads to a general body hyperacidity. Try to reduce consumption of these foods and replace as much as possible other drinks with green tea.

Diarrhea is often caused by stress, bacterial infection or a bad food. And certain food allergies may be guilty for stomach pains and diarrhea. It can also be the symptom of a serious inflammation of the intestines. Green tea helps to regulate bowel function. Its vitamin C content, flavones combats inflammation and other substances extract excess water from the intestinal contents, with the result that fluid loss is reduced. To extract as many substances, the person suffering from diarrhea should throw away the first infusion and only use the second one, which will stay at least five minutes.

Green tea is good for lack of appetite. Its causes in children or adults are often stress and worries, sedentary lifestyle and numbness of taste nerves following excessive consumption of sweet or spicy foods. The bitter substance green tea contains stimulates the hunger center in the brain and train a taste for the fine distinction between foods. Persons suffering from lack of appetite should always let the tea stand about 5 minutes before they drink it, because such an infusion would go to more theanine substances. You will be drinking tea in silence, with small sips, before meals.

Theanine substances in green tea have a calming effect on the stomach-intestinal tract; it protects the mucous membranes from harmful bacteria and lowers excess acidity from the stomach. If your stomach is sensitive you should always drink green tea whilst eating, but only the second and third infusion, which you will leave for about 5 minutes each.

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