Diet and Workout: how many calories to eat before a workout

January 31, 2010

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Suddenly you peak and you can’t slim down anymore. Quite the opposite, you actually start gaining weight. We all went thru this at least once. But if you’re like most people you aren’t getting your desired results regularly. I recommend a diet and workout plan that will help you achieve your desired goal(a totally different one from what you’ve tried until now)

Mainly you should consult a nutritionist regarding your diet. Still what we’re proposing should be enough to see satisfying results. Here are the basics of combining a diet and workout together:


You will need to make some dietary changes, taking into consideration your:

  • daily caloric intake
  • each meals caloric value.

Then divide your schedule into hard days, moderate days and easy days. An easy way to do this is to train opposite muscles in the same day. For example: leg/abdomen day would fall into the hard day category, chest/back day would be a moderate day and arm/shoulder day is an easy day.

On hard days you should consume the most calories (600 more than usual)

On moderate days you should consume a medium quantity of calories(about 400) over the limit and in easy days, your daily caloric intake should be minimum (only 200).

Most people eat the same quantity of calories daily regardless of their activities, which makes it harder to lose weight.

Exercise the same muscle groups every 6-7 days. When you’re scheduling your weekly workout it should look something like this:

  • Hard Day-3300 calories(2700+600)- about 22% more than necessary
  • Moderate Day- 3100 calories (2700+400)- about 15% more than necessary
  • Easy Day- 2900 calories (2700+200)- about 7.5% more than necessary

Why should you follow this diet and workout plsn? As you know, the body is an extremely adaptable machine. So no matter what you throw at it-diet, workouts, supplements etc it will adapt and stop working after a couple of weeks. Controlling you daily caloric intake depending on your exercise routine you will trick you metabolism.

Here are some pointers on how to dose your diet.

Before a hard training session add 300 calories to a normal meal.

Before a moderate training session add 200 calories to a normal meal.

Before challenging activities add 100 calories to a normal meal.

Before activities which need moderate resources subtract 100 calories out of a normal meal.

Before easy activities- subtract 200 calories out of a normal meal.

Before a relaxed period subtract 300 calories from a normal meal.

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