Diet to Go – An Overview

Diet to Go is a private company, which was founded in the year 1991, by Hilton Davis in Virginia. It was a local company, which grew due to its immense popularity, and now delivers food nationally. Dr. Mirkin initially developed the products that were offered for sale by this company. This company produces about thirty thousand meals every week. The meals are inspected daily by the USDA. Besides frozen food, this company also sells fresh food in Washington DC, San Francisco and many other locations.

Menu and Diet options

Diet to Go offers various meal options to its customers including Low Fat meals, Vegetarian meals and Low Carb meals. The individuals also have the option to customize their meals according to their preferences. Diet to Go also offers some diabetic plans, which are approved by the American Diabetes Association. These meal plans are a boon for those suffering with diabetes, as they can keep a watch on their sugar levels, while enjoying delicious and wholesome food. All the meals offered by Diet to Go are made of fresh vegetables and fruits, and are low in sodium levels. You can also specify the allergies that you have, and Diet to Go will send tailor made meals for you. Also, since all the meals undergo strict inspection, you can be assured that all the meals are of highest quality standards.

The menu of Diet to Go meals is quite exciting. The Menu of the low fat traditional meal includes Barbeque chicken, Italian meatballs, Curry shrimps and so on. The breakfast includes fruit granola parfait, low fat muffins, and many other exciting options. The Low fat vegetarian meal plan includes low fat burrito, Armenian stew and so on. The breakfast also comprises of a range of exciting options including corn muffins, Greek mushrooms and even Fresh fruit Ambrosia. The low carb meal plan includes options like herbed catfish, chicken italiano, and chicken wings for lunch and dinner, and scrambled eggs, cheese omelet and many more other options for breakfast. The low carb plan has been follows the Atkins diet to a certain extent. It does not have any complicated carb counting and includes just 30 net carbs per day.

All the meals that are served by Diet to Go are on a five week rotation, so you can be sure that you get a different menu every week. It is also suggested that you try out all their meals first, before making changes in the plan. All the meals are absolutely delicious, and you will definitely love them.


The Diet to Go pricing is very reasonable. A traditional Low fat meal, thrice a day including snacks will cost you only $120.99. A vegetarian meal of about 1200 Kcal including lunch and dinner would set you back by $95.99 per week. A vegetarian meal with 1600 calories will cost you slightly more, where as a Low carb meal will cost you about $149.99 per week. Now you must note that this is just a basic pricing. You can visit Diet to Go’s official website and get more details. The prices of the meals may vary, according to the choices that you make. For instance, if you don’t want snacks to be included in your meal plan, then certain amount will be deducted automatically.

Pros and Cons

Diet to Go’s service is prompt, and they deliver a week’s meal for you in advance at your doorstep. They deliver frozen food, with dry ice in polystyrene boxes. The food is well packed, and each meal is packed separately. Also, Diet to Go ensures that non perishable foodstuffs, including snacks and breakfast are packed separately. However, no detailed information is provided along with the meals and the customers are required to look it up on the official website. The website includes nutritional content of each meal, as well as the number of calories it contains. The meals include the heating information for both microwave and an oven. All you have to do is heat the meal, and you will delicious food ready for your consumption. Diet to Go meal plans, also do not include transportation and shipping charges. So keep this thing in mind. So get a Diet to Go meal for yourself, and live a healthy lifestyle.