Primal Force Review & Discounts

What We Like

  • Does not contain preservatives such as yeast, sugar, soy, sodium, artificial colors, wheat, corn, or gluten
  • Five percent of all profits are donated to the Wellness Research Foundation—a non-profit institution dedicated to natural health breakthroughs
  • A 10-week Primal Lean Challenge offers a satisfaction guarantee or your money back

What We Don’t Like

  • May cause excess gas and intestinal discomfort
  • Although there are some website testimonials to support the product’s claims of the success, the supplements themselves have not been widely studied
  • Exercise and diet guidelines are lacking

How the Primal Force Diet Works

Primal Force is a brand of supplements that claim to support heart health, weight loss, energy levels, and mental health. Primal Force products are developed and manufactured under private label by Al Sears, MD, a board certified physician in Florida who specializes in alternative and preventative, and anti-aging medicine.

Designed to combat the commercial alteration and presence of chemicals and toxins in food and water, Primal Force products are based on native nutrients necessary for optimal health. The key ingredient in Primal Lean, a natural remedy that speeds up the body’s ability to burn fat, is a West African herb called irvingia gabonensis.

Dr. Sears supports that irvingia gabonensis works by resetting factors that control the size and production of fat cells. Other ingredients include fucoxanthin thought to increase metabolic rate, garcinia cambogia fruit extract to improve energy levels, and chromium to promote lean muscle tissue. Favorable results have been reported by those who have taken Primal Force supplements for at least 10 weeks.

What Experts Say About Primal Force

  • Irvingia gabonensis reduces body weight and improves metabolism—this scientific study examined a formulation of two plant materials including irvingia garbonensis and found them helpful for managing obesity and its related complications.Lipids in Health and Disease 2009.
  • FOX News reports on cholesterol lowering benefits—a report in March, 2009 highlights the findings of a study that showed a decline in LDL cholesterol and blood sugar levels in study participants who took irvingia gabonensis for 10 weeks. 2009.
  • Fucoxanthin safely reduces body fat—In March, 2008, Life Extension Magazine featured a story about one of the ingredients in Primal Force explaining that it can “switch on” the fat-burning capacity of white fat. Life Extension Magazine.

 Tips for Success

  • If you tolerate the supplements without side effects, a 10-week course is recommended for optimal results
  • Cut down on bread by chopping up or crushing seeds (sesame, pumpkin, or sunflower) and use instead of breadcrumbs to coat chicken and fish
  • Replace starchy rice with finely chopped cauliflower
  • Use pureed avocado in place of man-made oils to eliminate processed vegetable fats
  • Replace beans with pure protein such as grass-fed animal meat

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