An Overview of Jillian Michaels Fitness Program

Jillian Michaels, who is a famous celebrity personal trainer, has been a part of shows like “The Biggest Loser” as well as “Losing it with Jillian”. She is a member and adviser to the National Day of Dance for Health. She has released a number of fitness DVD’s, and has recently launched a Wii game. She is the co owner of the company Empowered Media, LLC

Jillian Michaels believes in using science, exercising and dieting for weight loss. She has launched her online diet service, which has taken inspiration from the show “he Biggest Loser”. Her plan includes customized meal plans, eating healthy snacks, performing a number of exercises, yoga and even Pilates.

The Fitness Program

Jillian Michael’s fitness program comprises of three main components. They are identifying ones weight loss goals, eating healthy food and following a fitness routine. Each and every individual has different needs, and hence is assessed separately. A person’s daily activities, body type, height, current weight and the weight loss goals are taken into consideration. After this is done, a customized weight loss program is designed specifically for the individual. The official Jillian Michael website offers free fitness assessment for all. Her diet program includes developing good eating habits, having a healthy lifestyle, and taking support form your near and dear ones, if you feel discouraged. The fitness program discourages any diet pills or supplements.

The website has an online diet service and you are allowed to consume all the food groups. The diet depends upon how your body functions. The body which is a fast oxidizer requires more proteins and fats. If the body is a fast oxidizer, then more of carbohydrates are required for its optimum functioning. You will also get more information on the foods that help you to boost your rate of metabolism, and how to control your hunger pangs. It also will tell you which foods should be consumed at what time.

The fitness program focuses a lot on exercising. The site lists a number of exercise routines, as well as gives a complete breakdown on which muscles are involved in which exercise routine. You are also shown the correct method of performing various exercises, how to warm up for exercise and many such great tips.

The fitness program also advises that one cannot achieve success without someone helping you out, and encouraging you constantly. You are given weight loss buddies, which help you out in reaching your weight loss goals. There are also some great recipes which you can look up on the website, as well as connect with other people on the online community.

You are required to modify your behavior, if you wish to lose weight swiftly. Hence, there are a number of articles that are available online, written by experts on topics like health, beauty, nutrition and overall well being. Jillian Michaels also has recently launched an iPhone app called as “Fitness Motivation”. If you have any comments or any doubts, you can always send in an email, as well as call toll free.


This program will cost you $52 quarterly, and there is a five week non refundable commitment.

Pros and Cons of Jillian Michaels Fitness Program

The fitness program is very convenient to use, and it is available online. You are not required to take medicines or dietary supplements, and you are given free assessment as well as free advice on the official website. The weight loss buddy feature is a novel concept.

However, the Jillian Michael fitness program does not support a vegetarian lifestyle. Also, this plan is quite tough on the dieters, as you are expected to bring in major changes in your lifestyle. The website also does not offer services like shopping lists, and calorie counters that may other fitness program websites offer. Also, it will be difficult for users to carry out all the aspects of the fitness program without the help of nutritionists and trainers. For these, they will have to incur additional expenditure.

The Jillian Michaels fitness program is unique because it does not prescribe any diet pills or additional supplements. It also encourages a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. So if you are disciplined enough, you can easily lose weight using this program.