Overview of 17 Day Diet

Dr. Mike Moreno is a graduate of University of California at Irvine and Hahnemann Medical School, and had launched “Walk with Your Doc,” program in order to encourage people to walk and exercise. He has formulated the 17 Day Diet  Program, and he sells books and DVD’s of the same name.

Overview of the 17 Day Diet

The 17 Day Diet can help you lose weight quickly, and boost the rare of your metabolism. Michael Moreno’s 17 Day diet introduces a concept known as calorie confusion. Under this concept, you are required to keep on changing the calorie you take in frequently. This confuses your metabolic system, and in turn results in weight loss. The 17 Day diet comprises of three cycles, and each of them last for seventeen days. There is a fourth cycle too, and you are required to follow it regularly for best results.

The first cycle of the 17 Day Diet is called as “Accelerate”. Under this cycle, you consume around 1200 calories daily. This results in you losing about ten to fifteen pounds rapidly. However, most of this water weight. In this phase, your body is cleansed and hydrated. All the unhealthy carbohydrates are removed from your system, and you also develop healthy eating habits. Some of the foodstuffs that you are allowed to consume include fresh vegetables, foods that comprise of lean proteins, fruits, low fat yoghurt, and green tea and of course water.

The second cycle is called as “Activate”, wherein you consume slightly more calories. You are allowed to consume about 1500 calories daily. This sudden increase in calories after a long stretch of time confuses your metabolic system. Here you lose about six to seven pounds per week. During this time, you are allowed to consume healthy starchy food including legumes, brown rice, corn, potatoes and so and so forth. You will have to keep alternating between high calorie and low calorie days.

The third cycle is called as “Achieve”. In this period, your calorie intake stabilizes to a great extent. You are allowed to eat healthy foods but your weight loss takes a dip. You lose about two to three pounds per week. During this cycle, you are allowed to eat fresh vegetables, eggs, lean protein, fruits, and yoghurt and so on. You are also allowed to use some good fats including olive oil, while cooking your meals. You can also have one alcoholic drink, and a couple of snacks of hundred calories each.
The fourth cycle, called as “Arrive” and this is the cycle which is of utmost importance to you. During this time you are able to achieve your desired weight, and a fit and fabulous body. This cycle is basically a combination of all three cycles. You must take in lesser calories on week days, and on week ends you are allowed to indulge a little. But you must remember to eat in moderation. You are allowed to consume one or two alcoholic drinks too. This weekend indulgence may increase your weight by a couple of pounds. But you can control it by starting over with cycle two for a couple of days.

Besides controlling your diet, you must also exercise. During the first two cycles you should exercise in moderation. You consume lesser calories, and hence it is not advisable to exercise too much. You can go for brisk walking or probably perform yoga. In the later weeks, when you kick start cycle three you must increase the time period devoted to exercise. You should exercise for about two hundred to three hundred minutes per week in order to facilitate weight loss.


The 17 Day Diet is reasonably priced, and currently a 20% discount is also offered. You can buy the book for $21.50 or the book and the DVD for $29.00

The Pros and Cons of the 17 Day Diet

The name 17 Day Diet can be a little misleading. It should be called the 51 Day diet, because in reality you will take around 51 days, to reach your desired weight. If you are not able to do so in the recommended time frame, you will be required to start over from Cycle two. Now this can be disheartening for the dieters, and there are chances that the dieter may give up midway.

Besides these little glitches, the 17 day Diet is a great program, and it actually works really well. It is based on scientific research, and if you follow it judiciously, you will definitely get the desired results.