Desperate to Lose Weight? Try The No White Diet!

Many diets have implemented the no white foods concept before, and the No White Diet created by bestselling book author Paul Array is no exception. This eating plan is based on consuming low glycemic foods while avoiding the consumption of sugar, flour and high starch foods.

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The No White Diet encourages slimmers to read food labels and eating more nutritionally dense foods while practicing portion control.

Proponents of this diet believe that to lose weight fast, one does not need to count calories or carbs, rather, losing weight is as simple as recognizing what food to consume based on its color.

Foods To Avoid on The No White Diet

The basic list includes the foods listed below, and may seem easy to follow, until you realize that foods made with these ingredients are off limits, too.

  • salt
  • potatoes
  • sugar
  • white flour
  • white rice

So basically, muffins, pasta, breads, cakes, crackers, pretzels, noodles, salad dressings, sweetened beverages, white beans, cookies, jellies, pastries, potato chips, syrup and other condiments with sugar are prohibited as well.

Exceptions To The No White Rule

  • egg whites
  • milk
  • cauliflower
  • lean poultry
  • white fish

The elimination of white foods from the diet is based on the principle of getting rid of the empty calories found in high glycemic foods. It is believed that the insulin response brought about by white foods can trigger cravings for more unhealthy food consumption such as sugar-laden treats and starchy food items.

Proponents of The No White Food Diet believe that by removing these unhealthy food off your list, you are preventing sugar excess from being converted to fat for storage. Fresh vegetables with the exclusion of potatoes, are encouraged, and nuts, beans, seed, seafood, chicken and lean meats are allowed.

The Skinny

Simply put, the No White Diet brings about weight loss by reducing calorie intake. The diet can be considered as extreme, but aside from aiding in an effectively fast weight loss, it is a fairly successful way to start a plan for a long term healthy diet.

The No White Food Diet can serve as a good rule of thumb when it comes to making wise food choices, and because it allows consumption of healthy foods rich in protein and good fats, it makes reaching your weight loss goals a lot less difficult.


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