Denise Van Outen’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Gradual Weight Loss

March 21, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

With winsome star turns in The Big Breakfast and Chicago, It’s hard to believe she’s 36 years old, much less a mother, because Denise Van Outen surely looks younger than her age. Here, Denise shares her secrets to all those moms who envy her amazing figure, and how her diet and exercise routine has helped her keep her knockout shape even after pregnancy.

Denise-Van-Outen.jpgDenise Van Outen’s diet plan is based on consuming low GI foods. These foods are said to release their sugar a lot slower than other foods that keeps the blood glucose levels in the normal range and at the same time, stops the dieter’s cravings thus feeling fuller for a longer period of time.

Denise Van Outen’s diet plan can help her lose up to five pounds in the first week while 10 pounds in less than one month.

On a typical day, this is an example of Denise Van Outen’s diet plan:

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on toast. Porridge. Alternative foods are wholegrain cereal such as Bran flakes, Fruit and Fibre or All Bran served with skimmed milk. Or perhaps a bacon sandwich with two slices of toast a tomato sliced and a rash of grilled lean bacon with tomato ketchup if you want it.
  • Lunch: Mexico and bean pitta.
  • Dinner: Egg and chips with mushroom and tomato.

For Denise Van Outen’s exercise routine, she dances which is a fun fitness exercise for her and effective for losing weight quickly.

“With dancing there is no reason not to get stuck in. You can do it in your pajamas in your front room with the curtains closed. “It doesn’t matter how silly you look, put on your favorite music and dance – there are no excuses,” she says.

Dancing is actually a great means to stay in shape and lose weight too. With the combination of dance movements, it can surely help the individual burn a lot of calories and tone up their body and stay in shape. It can actually burn as much as 300 to 500 calories per hour which isn’t just healthy but fun too.

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