David Duchovny’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Not Skinny Just Lean

January 21, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

His role as Agent Fox Mulder on The X-Files earned actor David Duchovny worldwide fame and legions of admiring fans. The hazel-eyed star surely melts hearts with those rugged features of his, but his physique is nothing to be sneered at. He’s 6 foot 1 of pure muscle, thanks to his healthy eating and exercise habits.

"I really don’t have any secrets to looking young, I just eat well. I exercise, Take one-a-day vitamins." He says. "On a health scale of 1 to 10, I’ll put my diet at a 9."

David-Duchovny.jpgDavid Duchovny’s diet follows the vegetarian eating plan diet in support of animal and environmental rights. This diet consists of consuming plant-based foods while excluding meats and dairy products completely from the meal plan.

"I think about being a vegetarian from different perspectives." He says. "From my own and what animals I’m going to think about eating, and how they were treated before they were harvested."

Aside from good genes, David gets his fit physique from regular physical activity. For David Duchovny’s exercise routine includes weightlifting and a variety of sports activities — basketball, swimming, boxing and baseball

"I love running, too. I run a lot." He says. "I’m training for Fundraising triathlons." 

He also does spinning and yoga classes for their many benefits: destressing the mind, improving joint mobility and enhancing body flexibility.

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