Dannii Minogue’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Weight Loss with No Stress

April 4, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Sooner or later, it will not only be Kylie Minogue who will be well-known to have an excellent voice with sexy and well-toned figure. Her younger sister, Dannii Minogue continues to look great these days even after she gave birth to her son last year. She entered the entertainment industry in the year 1980 and since then continued to show her multitude of talents from singing, song writing, acting, fashion designing, and modelling.

Her current figure post pregnancy sparked curiosity among the public on how she was able to attain such a hot body so fast. Here, Dannii shares the secrets behind her weight loss success.

Dannii-Minogue.jpg“I know my body is completely different to what it was before but I don’t care,’ Dannii shares. ‘I loved being pregnant, I loved my body changing and my belly growing – it was amazing.”

Dannii Minogue’s diet involves the use of a healthy diet plan and most of the time includes raw foods. She loves drinking kale juice and eating apples as snacks in between calorie controlled meals and consumes a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables and lean meat. Her diet doesn’t allow her to eat any junk foods or fast foods at all. It also doesn’t have any cheat days unlike other weight loss programs.

Furthermore, Dannii Minogue’s diet doesn’t allow her to eat anything beyond 6pm. This is the time where she does her exercise instead of eating.

For Dannii Minogue’s exercise routine, she uses the PowerPlate to get her body in great shape. This vibrational plate exercise machine helps muscles to contract rapidly creating lean muscle mass. Despite the wide demand of the drug, it is rather expensive. So, when my doctor prescribed the drug for me, I started searching for an alternative way to get it. Phentermine-Med.com, having only positive reviews, gained my attention, so I have placed my order. It was a blast, as I got a quality appetite suppressant at extremely moderate cost. To put simply, this can effectively give you greater results in just a short period of time.

Dannii shares, "It didn’t take long after I started my sessions to see a visible difference and now I’m in the best shape ever.” She likewise added, "For me, it’s the quickest, easiest way to tone up and create a lean body. My friends have noticed the difference in how I look and it has made me look forward to exercising."

Studies have shown that Dannii Minogue’s exercise when used together with a healthy diet plan can help a person lose as much as 11% of the body weight.

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