Cure Sleep Apnea by Losing Weight

May 5, 2010

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A recent study published in the British Medical Journal demonstrated that losing weight can in fact cure sleep apnea. It isn’t a 100% cure. In fact only 20% of all the participants got rid of sleep apnea. What is really interesting is the fact that all the participants reported a lower incidence of sleep apnea after losing weight.

Sleep apnea is a condition in which your airways get blocked or collapsed while you sleep. This can even prove fatal. That is why most of the persons suffering of sleep apnea must use a continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP machine. That way they make sure their airway passages stay open while sleeping.

The recent study seems to prove that there is a better way to cure sleep apnea. Instead of using the CPAP machine just lose weight. According to the study the participants that benefited the most form losing weight were those that suffered the most sleep apnea episodes during their sleep.

What is really interesting to me is the fact that sleep apnea is almost an inexistent health problems in countries less developed. And what do we have that under developed don’t have? Well many things, and obesity is one of them. It can’t be pure coincidence the fact that the country with the biggest obesity problem on the face of the world also has the most frequent cases of sleep apnea.

Our modern high tech lifestyle is killing us slowly. Being fat comes with lots of health risks, from cardiovascular diseases , diabetes even cancer to sleep apnea it seems. All of them deadly. You have to lose weight and the only way to do it for the long haul is by changing your lifestyle.

Stop working at the desk so much, get more physically active and eat much more healthy food. Don’t just trust what you read on the label. In my opinion anything that has a label is not healthy food. Eat more fruits and vegetables. They don’t have labels and they are healthy. You might even lose some weight by doing so and get rid of sleep apnea.

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