Compulsive Overeating Is the Most Common Vice

July 19, 2010

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Gluttony is not a secret vice.~Orson Welles

We all know that taking drugs is bad. Most of us stay away from them. We all know that drinking and smoking is bad. Most of us still do it because it is so darn fun. But when it comes to eating too much, even compulsive overeating, we don’t think of food as an addiction. But food is the most form common addiction.

Where exactly do you draw the line between the need to eat and eating for the pleasure of eating. Well if you are having weight problems, struggling to lose weight, you are a compulsive overeater. You are eating way too much food than your body actually requires.

I must admit that I love food, and I am a compulsive overeater. Food makes me feel good, and I like how food can brighten even the cloudiest day. I am addicted to good food. I don’t only eat to survive, I eat because I enjoy eating.

But eating to survive and eating for the love of eating should not be two separate things. You can eat marvelous tasting food only to survive. The key is stopping in time. That is the hard part of this addiction. With other forms of addictions, you can just stop taking the drug. You can’t stop eating without dying. So coping with your desire to eat lots and lots of food is a must.

The best thing you can do is to stop eating when you feel emotionally disturbed. If you had a fight with your boyfriend or husband or with someone at work, don’t stuff your face with unhealthy food. Find other ways to calm down and get to a happy balanced place again. Eat only you are physically hungry. When you feel e emotional hunger, find ways to channel it into something more productive, like playing a sport or jogging. In fact going for a light jog when you feel emotional pressure is an effective way of releasing it. Food is just a suppressant and all those bottled up emotions will eat you up eventually.

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