Coffee Is Good In Small Quantities

June 3, 2009

Health & Motivation

Many people wake up thinking of coffee and the whole day they think about the next coffee they will drink. All that coffee is very unhealthy. A Pavlovian reflex is formed in time. Something that goes feel tired drink coffee. Not a bright idea.

The aroma and taste of a cup of coffee mesmerizes many of us. Lots of great times spent with friends are related do drinking a coffee. How many fabulous stories have been told at a cup of coffee. Life unfolds when you drink a cup of coffee with your friends. Or so it seems. But in time all kind of health problems arise because of drinking all that coffee. If you drink coffee and if you have gastritis, colitis or heart palpitations you should stop drinking coffee.

Coffee contain caffeine. Caffeine has benefic health effects if it is administered in small quantities. If you take big quantities of caffeine you will eventually get addicted to it. When you get addicted to coffee you will start feeling the need to consume it all the time to keep the buzz on. You just have to have your daily dose of coffee just like a heroin addict has to have his drug shot. In time a physical and psychic addiction is created.


Constantly increasing the quantity of coffee you drink will create all sorts of health issues for you. Of course coffee addiction isn’t that great of a health hazard and you can control it with ease. The key is moderation.

If you cannot stop drinking coffee for good you can at least decide how much you will drink and when you drink it. You can be at the top of your skills without the help of coffee, believe me.

There are lots of other energizing natural products you can use to compensate the drop in coffee intake. A good natural energizing source is guarana. Find some good healthy guarana energizing products and use them to replace coffee. You can experiment with other natural energizing drinks too. But please stay away from the caffeine ones. Coffee should become a rare and cherished experience like eating a piece of chocolate. By the way coffee and chocolate are really good together. Dark chocolate has many health benefits too.

Coffee is tasty and in its composition it has many healthy ingredients. But the energizing effect is a short term one. Besides caffeine is really mean to your calcium deposits. Drinking lots of coffee speed up the elimination of calcium from your body. Your body uses the calcium to neutralize the increased acidity. If you suffer from gastritis, ulcer, hepatic problems, high blood pressure or heart problems you should avoid drinking coffee.

A good drink that can replace coffee successfully is a cup of green tea. Green tea is healthy and very good at the same time. Or you can drink black tea instead of coffee. Take a little time and experiment until you find the right solution for you.

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