Christina Applegate’s Diet and Exercise Routine

January 19, 2011

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New mom and California girl Christina Applegate has a gift for making people laugh, has survived breast cancer and emerged more beautiful, inside and out. With her stunning hazel green eyes and megawatt smile, the Samantha Who? star is still as beautiful as ever, thanks to her healthy eating and exercise regimen, one she enjoys doing the most. Aside from tickling our funnybones, I mean.

"My recovery has been long and slow but I’ve been gradually getting back to exercising." She shares. "It’s just the most amazing feeling, being able to exercise again." 

christina-applegate.jpgChristina has said before in interviews  the big animal rights supporter that she is. Christina Applegate’s diet adheres to the vegetarian way of eating. This diet is based on consuming only plant-based foods and excludes meats from the eating plan. However, Christina’s diet allows her to have dairy products and eggs. 

"I do splurge on pizza every once in a while." She says. "It’s my guilty pleasure."

Celebrity Trainer to the Stars, Jeanette Jenkins, developed Christina Applegate’s exercise routine, for which incorporates Barry’s boot camp classes, running, spinning and Yoga. 

"I love to exercise, I don’t know why but I really do." She shares with a smile.

Christina also uses the elliptical or spin bike for 30 to 50 minutes as form of her cardio exercise.

An avid fan of marathons, this is what she has to say:  

“To me, that’s just freedom. There’s an incredible feeling when you finish a run. Your heart is racing fast and you feel light and airy, especially when you’re running outside and there are so many beautiful things to look at,” Christina says.

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