Christina Aguilera’s Diet and Exercise Tips: A Sexy Star’s Secrets

November 29, 2010

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Pop Princess Christina Aguilera dazzles in her new movie, Burlesque, but more than her beautiful voice and smooth dance moves, her rock hard body continues to makes us gape at her in wonder. How does she do it? Well, lucky you, Christina willingly shares her secret in maintaining her healthy glow.

“I like having a tush, I like having legs.” She shares. “So I had to work for it. My goal was to be fit.”
Christina Aguilera’s diet follows portion control which doesn’t deprive her of occassional treats while eating a healthy balanced meal as well. She has a personal chef who cooks low fat meals for her to increase her carbohydrate intake and keep her energized during her performances.

Christina Aguilera’s diet contains lots of fresh fruits and vegetables with protein in the form of meat as well as dairy products.

“I don’t like depriving myself, so I take one day, usually a Saturday or Sunday, to eat what I want, as long as I drink a lot of water. ” Christina shares. ” I like feeling healthy and working out. It’s hard to stay in shape while traveling, so right now I am just trying the best I can. It is all about eating clean and working out.”

She follows an exercise program made by her personal trainer, Ashly Borden which involves 3 sessions a week for 50 minutes.

The fitness program includes 6 minutes of warm up that involves sequence of easy movements to increase the cardiac rate and prepare the muscles. Next is the 36 minutes of dance to burn extra calories and lastly, 8 minutes of cool down stretch to improve her flexibility.

Christina Aguilera’s exercise routine also includes boxing, dancing, weight lifting, running on the treadmill and using the elliptical exercise equipment for cardiovascular exercises. She also does a 40 minute toning exercises through strength training by doing biceps curls, push ups, chest presses and lunges.

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