Choose the Public Transit Systems and Walking for Weight Loss

July 26, 2010

Weight Loss News

Since obesity has become such a wide spread problem, among other already existing critical problems such as global warming officials have found a way to shoot two birds with one stone, or so to speak.

Gas emissions, CO2 levels rising, oil prices increasing and rush hour traffic lasting longer were some of the problems proposed to be solved by improving public transit systems. But surprisingly enough, officials added a new problem they hope to solve, namely obesity.

Apart from the huge consumption of unhealthy and extremely fatty foods, the other reason why we are so fat is that we don’t exercise enough. You wake up in the morning, take the car to work, sit on your butt al day, eat a donut or pizza during lunchtime, wash it off with soda pop, then get it your car, sit again, drive home, sit in front of the TV or computer, sit at the dinner table, eat some more, then go to sleep. Come morning and you repeat the process.

The problem should be evident by now. Way too much sitting. You need more exercise and I’m not talking about spending hours at the gym pumping iron or waking up at 5am to go jogging. I’m talking about walking. One hour of walking for exercise each day would be great, but for starters even 30 minuts would do wanders.

A study has been published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, in which it was stated that in one observed case, the availability of a light-rail system (or LRT for short) resulted in weight loss and better health for the people who used the LRT.

Why you ask? Simple

No more sitting. The people who used the LRT to go to and from work or just go to town had more exercise. After finishing breakfast in the morning they had to walk to the station and if it was too crowded, they had to stand. Yes, standing burns calories, not as much as walking does, but still. After reaching their destination, they also had to walk to work from the station.

I know what you’re thinking. How much time am I going to lose doing this. Well, you’ll probably end up saving time since you won’t be sitting in rush hour or trying to find parking space.

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