Chloe Sevigny’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Simple Yet Effective

January 18, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Big Love star Chloë Sevigny turns heads whenever she walks the red carpet for her natural style and toned physique. The 5 foot 7, blue eyed beauty has made over 30 film and TV appearances, all done while looking as fabulous as ever, thanks to her healthy dieting and exercise habits.

"I’ve just started doing yoga three times a week." She says. "I feel strong and limber, and my sex life is through the roof."

Chloe-Sevigny.jpgChloe Sevigny’s diet follows portion control, which allows her to eat whatever she wants as long as everything is kept in moderate amounts or servings. This eating plan eliminates the feeling of deprivation as long as total caloric intake is watched.

On the other hand, Chloe Sevigny’s exercise routine includes strength training and cardio workouts. Strength training is a workout that involves effort in every activity done against a certain opposing force. Exercises included in this routine usually are isotonic since the body part is moving against a certain force. This kind of exercise helps in developing the strength and increasing the size of the skeletal muscles.

"I do a lot of cardio– walking, running." She shares. "It’s actually very relaxing for me, and it helps me stay in shape."

Chloe has also started to attend Yoga classes three times a week, and is a fan of how Yoga improves her flexibility and enhances her joint mobility.

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