Carmen Electra’s Diet and Exercise Secrets

November 29, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

May it be running down the beach with her fiery red swimsuit on or sashaying gracefully down a red carpet event, Carmen Electra never fails to dazzle with her beauty and sexy physique. The model, who is renowned for her curves, shares her secret to maintaining that sizzling bod.

"I’ve been dancing since I was five." She shares. "It helps me stay in shape and I never get bored doing it."

Carmen-Electra.jpgCarmen Electra’s diet is a high-protein diet said to stop weight gain and suppress hunger. She eats small amounts of protein –salmon, lean chicken or sushi– throughout the day to curb her cravings for unwanted carbs.

Carmen Electra’s exercise routine consists of her own Aerobic Striptease Series. In addition, her exercise routine includes sit-ups, dancing, running on the treadmill, using the stair master, cardio and strength training thrice a week to tone up her body especially her hips, thighs, bums and abs.

"I’m especially addicted to cola, it’s where I get my caffeine fix." Carmen admits. "But I’m seriously trying to stop. Then I just work out to burn the extra calories."

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