Busting The Quick Weight Loss Myths Fast!

You’ve got to keep this in mind: One person’s diet secret may not work for you. It is because of this reason that we here at Shedyourweight.com decided to share some of the biggest weight loss myths ever conceived, because admittedly, ours is a nation obsessed with dieting.

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Every day the public is bombarded with seemingly new information about losing weight fast, and when fueled by the media, we’re just plain confused what to follow and what to take with a grain of salt.

  • Skipping meals is a good way to cut back on calories

Ummm, no. This is actually not true, because skipping meals can actually make you gain weight by slowing down your body’s metabolism. This is because when one skips a meal, the tendency to overeat later in the day to compenstae for the skipped meal is increased. 

Instead of skipping meals, one can cut back on calories by practicing portion control and making healthier choices with every meal.

Not really. While it is true you’re saving yourself from many unwanted calories by choosing the low-fat and fat-free brands, that doesn’t mean you can have them to your heart’s content. Portion control must be exercised, and one must always read the fine print when choosing food.

  • Intense exercise burns fats better

Not so. All exercises burn fat, and while it is true enhancing your level of activity could make you drop a pound or two each week, fat burning occurs not only with intense exercise, but also at much minor intensity levels.

  • Totally restricting calories in the diet makes one lose weight rapidly

So not true. In fact, when you restrict your caloric intake severely, your body goes into a conservation mode and as a defense, slows down the metabolism. This will now cause you to lose weight slower than ever. To make sure you are losing weight properly, caloric intake should be managed wisely and must be adjusted to the needs of the body.

  • Being hungry makes you overeat

Hunger has nothing to do with overeating. Overeating is a result of emotional and psychological reasons. When your emotions are triggered, chances are, you eat more quickly and will more likely indulge in fatty, unhealthy things. The besy way to stop a craving is to take your mind off of it.

  • The natural kind of weight loss pills are safe and effective

Weight loss pills being peddled as "safe", "natural" and having "zero side effects" are not usually scientifically tested to prove that they are indeed safe.  These pills can have plant ingredients that could exert some weird effects on your body, so next time you think about taking a herbal weight loss pill, remember it’s always best to consult a medical professional first.

  • Less fat means better weight loss

No, because even if you need to avoid the bad fats, which are found in butter, high-fat dairy and red meat, there is also what we call the good fats, which we should totally not avoid in any way. These heart-healthy fats found in nuts, fish, seeds and low-fat dairy increase energy levels, repair tissues, rebuild cells and produce important body hormones.

The Skinny

Keep in mind that just because your favorite celebrity swears by a famous diet trick doesn’t mean its 100% reliable and effective. If you want fast weight loss and getting the most of your efforts, we recommend debunking these diet myths and starting a healthy eating and exercise lifestyle. Now that’s factual. We had a great time busting these myths with you, readers. Until the next batch!

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