Busting More Quick Weight Loss Myths

With weight loss pills, exercise gadgets, low-calorie everything and diet tips galore, new books are always hitting the bookshelves carrying their own versions of the latest weight loss advice. Add to that the celebrities who share their "effective" diet know-hows and you get too much conflicting information regarding the shedding of the extra pounds.

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These diet myths have made losing weight much harder than it already is, but here at www.shedyourweight.com, we’re shedding the light on some of the world’s biggest diet myths.

  • Sea Salt Has Less Sodium

No, this is untrue, because actually, gourmet salts have about the same sodium as plain old table salt.

  • Aerobics is better than anaerobics

Partly true, you’ll burn calories faster with aerobic exercises, but the benefits fom aerobics end shortly after exrcising, while your anaerobic exercises, such as strength training and weight lifting, boosts the metabolism long after the workout has been done.

  • Following a strict diet boosts the metabolism

You can’t change your metabolism by following a specific diet plan, that’s what exercise is for. When you follow a restrictive diet, you will be weak to exercise effectively. This will put the body in conservation mode, and in the end, your metabolism will stall.

  • Eating at nighttime puts on the pounds

There really is no conclusive proof that late-night meals can cause weight gain. What is true is that too many calories causes one to put on weight, and many night eaters often choose high-calorie foods.

  • Some sugars are better

All sugar kinds have a lot of calories. So far, studies have revealed that the human body absorbs added sugars and table sugar in a similar way. So instead of avoiding a particular kind of sugar, try to limit added sugars of any kind.

The Skinny

Don’t let these myths spoil your quest for quick weight loss success. Losing weight is a big challenge, and by separating the myths from the facts, it helps us to be armed with the truth. Dropping the pounds will be much easier once you disregard these common weight loss myths.

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