Bullies Like To Bully Obese Kids Studies Show

Bullies roam each and every school and it seem they like to pick on obese kids. A recent study showed that obese children had a 63% higher chance of being bullied by their peers. It seem that even though over 30% of all children have weight problems, bullies still like to pick on them. You would have thought that with the wide spread of child obesity, children would be more tolerating. Quite on the contrary.

It seems it doesn’t matter your race, gender or family income, if you are overweight you get bullied at school. Even if you are smart or very social that won’t save you from being bullied.

Dr. Julie Lumeng, the author of the study said "One of the reasons we started this study is that obesity is so much more common today. Now that about half of kids are overweight or obese, it doesn’t make you such an outlier anymore, so we thought maybe kids wouldn’t be bullied for being overweight anymore," They were bitterly disappointed. In fact, she said "What we found, much to our dismay, was that nothing seemed to matter. If you were obese, you were more likely to be bullied, no matter what."

The parents of the obese children said that their major health concern was all the teasing and insults their children had to put up each day. It is very common for obese children to be depressed and miserable all the time because of constant bulling.

What parents should do in my opinion is get more involved in their child life and help him lose weight. Set a good example, start eating healthy food and exercising. While you help your child lose weight keeps his morale up. Find ways to bullet proof your child against bullies, telling him how later the bullies will be fat and he will be skinny. Do whatever you can to make you child happy.

Discuss openly with your child and find out how are thing at school socially, not only grade wise. Support you child and guide him in the right direction. You shouldn’t make it so your child gets to like being fat, but to get him motivated to lose weight. Excess weight is very unhealthy. If you want your child to be healthy, live a long prosperous life and enjoy good social experiences help him get healthy lifestyle habits.

In our day and age laughing of fat people is still acceptable according to social rules. Some overweight people find the motivation they need in fat jokes and some dig deeper in the ice-cream bucket. Few understand that being overweight and losing weight isn’t a thing of only willpower. Things are much more complex and science has yet to provide a good answer to efficient weight loss. Till then do whatever you can to help you children be happy and enjoy life.

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