Blake Lively’s Diet and Exercise Routine to Stay Lean and Healthy

November 27, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Blake Lively must have been wide awake when God sprinkled good looks on Earth. With her uber gorgeous face and stunning body, she has captured Hollywood by storm. With the hit show "Gossip Girl" tucked under her belt, Blake also has a starring role in the highly anticipated movie "The Green Lantern".

"I’m at my healthiest right now!" Blake gushed. "I lost some weight, but I got toned all over."

Blake-Lively.jpgShe used to be on the Zone diet which required her to eat fat, protein and carbohydrates in a 1:2:3 ratio.

Blake Lively’s diet is now based on the Low Carbohydrate eating plan. This diet restricts too much carbohydrate consumption where food such as bread and pasta are replaced with foods containing a higher percentage of fats and proteins.

"I don’t believe in depriving yourself, so I still eat my ‘fork-full’ of dessert." Blake shares. "But I have veggies and fruit with every meal."

Blake Lively’s exercise routine includes cardio, core and circuit training four times a week. She also enjoys doing yoga, Pilates and Tai-chi to increase flexibility, improve balance and develop her stamina.

"And I’m working out harder than before for ‘The Green Lantern’", with all those stunts, might as well be prepared." Blake says."But after three weeks, I got results, I have abs! Definitely worth it."

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