Best Aerobic Workout Tips: get the most out of aerobic exercises

October 13, 2009

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Before starting an intense aerobic workout schedule you should check with your doctor. This first step is especially important if you are over 40 years old. Also if you smoke a lot, you are a frequent alcohol consumer you are overweight or you are a chronic couch potato you too must seek the advice of a medic. Any good doctor will tell you what type of aerobic exercises are best suited your body and health issues.

Each and every aerobic workout should start with a good warm up routine. Many skip the warming up and risk damaging their body. Some of the injuries that can take place during an aerobic workout can be very serious. So start your aerobic workouts with a good session of warming up your muscles and getting your body ready for an intense workout.


A simple warm up that anybody can do is walking more intensely for a couple of minutes. Swing your arms side to side and speed up your walking pace. Then you can do some light stretching. If you don’t have time to warm up your body you can always start with a more light aerobic workout and gradually increase its intensity.

Create a aerobic workout schedule and stick to it. Aerobic exercises are great for your body but if you want to reap their benefits you will have to work out frequently. People use a lot of reasons to hide behind and excuse themselves for not working out. If you want to get fit and slender you will have to stick to your aerobic workout schedule.

A good way to avoid getting bored with lots of aerobic workout each week is to choose something that fits perfectly in your lifestyle. For example if you enjoy watching television a lot you can set your treadmill or stationary bicycle in front of the television. That way you can indulge your need to watch your favorite tv show and also exercise your body.

If your doctor tells you that you shouldn’t do any aerobic exercises ask him to give you other forms of exercises. Tell him that you want to work out more frequently and what would be the best suited exercises for you. For example if you have joint problems you can try swimming.

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