Benjamin Bratt’s Diet and Exercise Routine

January 17, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

As soon as Benjamin Bratt joined TV series Law & Order, rating shot through the roof as he built a solid female fan base dazzled by his acting skills and magnetism. It also doesn’t hurt that the 6 foot 2 tall actor has a megawatt smile to go with that ripped body of his, which he credits to healthy eating and exercise habits.

"My only addiction would be coffee." He says. :I drink so much coffee, that’s the bougie thing about me, but aside from that I try to follow a healthy diet and work out as much as I can."

Benjamin-Bratt.jpgBenjamin Bratt’s diet strictly adheres to the principles of the 5-factor diet made by Celebrity Trainer, Harley Pasternak. The diet is said to be very effective that it can be made into a lifestyle rather than a diet plan or exercise routine. The diet involves eating 5 meals per day, prepared in just 5 minutes and with only 5 ingredients.

Benjamin also adheres to the 25-minute workouts based on the 5 factor workout plan, with the diet’s principle that working out more often for shorter periods can be more effective than spending hours in the gym. In Benjamin Bratt’s exercise, the needed equipment are dumbbells and a bench.

Benjamin Bratt’s exercise routine starts with cardio warm up that increases the heart rate for about 65% to 85% done in just 5 minutes. This is then followed by strength training wherein every day; there are two different workouts that must be done with different sets, reps and rest every week done for 10 minutes. Third is the core exercise that involves numerous crunches and twists with altered rep, set, and rest ranges done for 5 minutes. Lastly, cardio cool down which covers a minimum of 5 minutes believed to assist in alleviating Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

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