Being a Workaholic Is No Excuse for Not Working Out

July 3, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

There are countless work projects that keep you wrapped up and over hours at work. You barely have time to breath. But you still have to find the time to exercise and workout. There are exercises that you can do to get and be in shape even if you are a workaholic.

If you have a stressful job, specialists recommend that you do more mild physical exercises. Stretching is great for eliminating stress from your life because it relaxes your muscles.

To eliminate stress form your life you can also try yoga, tai-chi, and other relaxation methods that focus on breathing exercises which help you relax and control yourself better. You should practice daily in the morning, before eating breakfast, for 30 minutes some relaxation exercises. That way you will be more centered and productive at work.


Try walking to work and back home. That way you will get exercised daily. Every time you have to get somewhere leave the car home. Try walking or bicycling or rollerblading. If you use the public transportation don’t sit down. That way your leg, bum and abdominal muscles will get a light workout. To work out your muscles even more you can contract hem hard for 10 seconds. Do this 10 times before taking a break. Use every opportunity to exercise during the day.

To stay in shape and fit you don’t need to work out for hours weekly. All you have to do is find for yourself an activity that exercises your muscles and engages your mind. Something that will burn fat and raise your heart rate.

If you opt to go to the gym use the stepper or treadmill to exercise your body. Both give you a great aerobic exercise. Working out using the stepper for 45 minutes is the equivalent of jogging 8 miles. Just two sessions per week are more than enough to start shaping a sexy body.

Just find a physical activity that you like to work out your body. That way you will be healthier and happier. Being a workaholic is no excuse for not working out.

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