Audrina Patridge’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Get an Enviable Body

November 28, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Audrina Patridge, the hazel-eyed, 5 foot 7 inches stunner who first rose to fame on MTV’s hit show "The Hills" has gotta have one of Hollywood’s most drool-worthy bodies. Here, the 27year old beauty agrees to share the secrets for her ultra fit physique.

"I’m a health buff." Audrina shares. "I try to live a healthy lifestyle."

Audrina Patridge’s diet is the Sunfare Eating Plan, which is a meal-delivery program that makes low-carbohydrate meals composed of an accurate blend of lean proteins, low-glycemic carbs and healthy fats.

audrina-patridge.jpgA typical Sunfare Diet for her starts with Irish oatmeal and a side of fresh fruit for breakfast, Turkey wrap with ranch dressing and lettuce salad for lunch and a lean steak with fresh veggies for dinner. She munches on Granola bars and Low-fat Vanilla Yogurt in between meals.

Audrina Patridge’s exercise routine includes working out five times a week doing laps in her pool, hiking in Runyon Canyon, and having dance classes.

"I like finding things to do outside." Audrina says."Sports are fun. Volleyball is my exercise, too."

When she is unable to visit the gym, she does small weights to define her upper arms together with 15 to 20 minutes of using an elliptical trainer.

Audrina Patridge’s exercise routine also includes doing squats, lunges and ab crunches using a stability ball to help keep her body strong and well-toned.

"I even work out when I’m at home." She shares. “When I’m sitting in front of the TV, I lift five-pound weights or do squats. And I wear heels when I vacuum because it works my calves and my butt.”

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