Ashlee Simpson’s Diet and Exercise: A Mother’s Way to Staying Healthy

November 27, 2010

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Carving your own name in Hollywood isn’t easy, especially when you have popstar Jessica Simpson for a sister, but  Ashlee Simpson-Wentz held her ground, and now, the rocking mom of a baby boy has succeeded in making a name for herself.

"I knew I could sing." Ashlee says. "But Jessica was so good, it took me a while to be confident in my singing voice."

Mind you, her confidence paid off. Ashlee rose to prominence with the success of her debut album, "Autobiography" and her very own reality show, "The Ashlee Simpson Show." What followed were a series of transformation from being a tall, thin girl to a mature woman with a killer bod.

Ashlee Simpson’s diet is a slightly modified version of the famous South Beach diet, wherein "bad" carbs and fats are replaced by "good"carbs and fats. She signed up with this meal delivery service to keep herself in synch after giving birth to her son in 2008. 

ashlee-simpson.jpg"I’m an eater, I love to eat." She shares."So it’s a good thing I love being active, too. Working out makes me feel stronger and sexier."

Ashlee Simpson’s exercise regimen includes Pilates to keep her lean and well-toned; strength and resistance training using dumbbells and running on the treadmill.

 “I love it when my arms are toned, so I use weights to target them – and I do lunges to give my small butt more shape,” states Ashlee. 

Her son also helps in keeping Ashlee fit. Her son is around 33 pounds and she carries him up the stairs always. But she does more than carrying her child to get in shape.

“I definitely hit the gym. I’ll do 30 minutes when he’s down for a nap. I’ll do 30 minutes of cardio and I also like a class called Cardio Barre, which is an aerobic dance workout.” Ashlee states.

Included in Ashlee Simpson’s exercise regimen is a jog down the 30 to 40 at her backyard.

 "Her backyard has about 30-40 steps, so I have her jog down, do lunges for the length of the pool, jog back up the stairs, then do a set of squats.”Her personal trainer, Mike Alexander states. "Ashlee is very disciplined, and she really takes care of her body."

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