Ashanti’s Diet and Exercise Secrets to Look Sizzling Hot

November 27, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Amazing moves, a silky smooth voice and knockout body. You name it, RnB princess Ashanti has it. The Grammy winning singer, whose killer vocals breathed life to hits such as "Foolish", "What’s Luv?" and "Always On Time" has always been generous about tips on how she achieved her rock hard bod.

"I don’t look great all the time."She says with a laugh. "But I keep myself fit by dancing. I love to dance."

Ashanti’s diet is based on portion control, where managing weight is achieved by understanding right serving size and the calories that come with it. Ashanti admits she easily gains weight, and that is the reason why she tries to stay away from too much ice cream and fried foods.


ashanti.jpgAshanti admitted to have done the Master Cleanse Diet otherwise known as the Lemonade Diet for one week to help her lose weight. This liquid diet claims to remove allegedly harmful toxins and reduce food cravings.

Ashanti’s exercise routine includes dance classes, biking, boxing, running and cardio exercises several times a week.

"I was a runner when I was young." She shares. "I even competed for the State Championships. Up to know I still run pretty fast. Especially when I’m being chased." She finishes with a smile.


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