AnnaLynne Mccord’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Staying Thin and Healthy

December 9, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Beverly Hills 90210 Star and Goodwill Ambassador AnnaLynne McCord contradicts what we’ve often heard about how celebrities get their fit figures. This 22 year old southerner’s approach to health shows that when it comes to healthy living, sane plus smart equals sexy.

"My mom always advised me to ‘Think thin’. She taught me to push away the plate when I’m feeling full." She shares. "She also taught me to allow yourself some splurges, but only in moderation."

AnnaLynne-McCord.jpgAnnaLynne Mccord’s diet is inspired by the Weigh Down eating plan with portion control. This eating plan allows her to consume vegetables, fruits and lean proteins in small but frequent feedings every day.

On the other hand, AnnaLynne Mccord’s exercise routine includes belly dancing and the eight-minute total-body workout from Barry’s Bootcamp, which helps her tone up by doing squats, lunges and ab crunches.

AnneLynne also shares on how growing up sporty helped her get into shape.

“I love being outdoors, playing beach tennis, going for runs in the sand, or doing a three-hour hike with my friends.” She says. "I’m really sporty."

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