Anna Kournikova’s Diet and Exercise Plan For a Hot Body

November 25, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Anna Kournikova should be so lucky. At only 29, the statuesque Russian has already won her first Grand Slam title, graced the cover of countless magazines and hailed by People as one of the world’s most beautiful. 

"I’m naturally long, lean and lanky." Anna admits. "I just love working out, the feeling of exercising."

Anna Kournikova’s diet is primarily based on portion control, where weight management is defined by your total caloric intake. Portion control calls for an understanding of the right serving size and how many calories that serving size contains.

Anna-Kournikova.jpg"I don’t like restricting any kind of food group." She says."I think as long as you eat in moderation, then that’s the best way to go."

Anna Kournikova’s diet during typical days consists of oat meal, berries, almonds, salad, grilled chicken, and other vegetables. 

"That’s my typical meal." Anna shares. "I eat dessert, but then I work and train hard so I don’t worry what I eat."

 Anna Kournikova’s exercise routine primarily includes a 45-minute calorie burning cardio, swimming and running. She runs four times a week from 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

For a maintenance workout, Anna also includes 30 minutes of weight lifting to tone her body and of course, tennis.

"I’ve been playing tennis since I was a child." She says. "It’s a part of my life."

Eating right and proper exercise. You had to know looking THAT good comes at a small price.

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