Angelina Jolie Diet Secrets

July 26, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Angelina Jolie is known for her sexy curves and her stunning movie appearances. After all Angelina Jolie is proud of her feminine curves and works hard to maintain them. But just how does she do it?

It seems that for weight maintenance Angelina Jolie is a fan of portion control. She eats smaller meals all day long to keep her lean body in shape. This is a great way to maintain your weight because you don’t starve your body of vital nutrients. Plus, by exercising portion control you can eat whatever foods you crave, as long as you remember to have just a few morsels.

According to Angelina Jolie she usually uses the 5 factor diet to lose weight in case she needs it. The 5 factor diet is a healthy diet that combines healthy eating with lots of exercising to provide healthy weight loss results. Regardless if she uses the 5 factor diet or not, from the research that I did, it seems that Angelina Jolie likes to use healthy weight loss methods. That way she gets to preserve her health and hot body. But when the situation calls for super fast weight loss, Angelina Jolie has used extreme diets also.


Using extreme weight loss diets isn’t recommended at all, but in some situations they can be unavoidable. I am more than against unhealthy extreme diets, and if you can please avoid using them.

When Angelina Jolie had to lose weight fast for the movie Salt, she turned to the lemon detox diet. Her goal was that of losing 1 pound each day to get a more boyish look for the movie. Apparently her stunt worked and she managed to lose so much weight that the film crew became increasingly more and more worried. She wasn’t that fat to begin with.

The lemon detox diet is considered by most dieticians and doctors an extreme weight loss diet. If you plan to go on it you should seek professional advice and help. It isn’t a diet you can do on your own without support. Just the fact that all you are allowed to eat is the special lemonade is enough to discourage most people. If you want to get the best advice on doing the lemonade detox diet listen to the interview I did with Peter Glickman: the master cleanse diet interview.

To lose weight or maintain her weight, Angelina Jolie doesn’t only rely on dieting. She also exercises a lot. How else could she have such a well toned body. Angelina Jolie does lots of cardio exercises, one of her favorite forms of workout being kickboxing. Besides kickboxing she also practices yoga.

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