Andrea Roth’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Healthy and Fit by Exercising

December 10, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Blonde beauty Andrea Roth best known for her  role in the hit TV show Rescue Me has been wowing us for quite some time with her magnetic screen presence, but the Canada native Roth has more than that going for her. She owns one of Hollywood’s best bikini bodies at age 41. How awesome is that?

Andrea-Roth.jpegAndrea’s Roth diet has never been established, but she claims she doesn’t follow an eating plan, and only relies on portion control to make sure she eats in moderation.

"Oh, I don’t follow a diet." She shares."I have no food restrictions, but I don’t eat too much sugar and calories."

Andrea Roth’s exercise regimen consists mainly of Hatha Yoga and hiking. 

"I tried Bikram, but didn’t work for me, I was too inconsistent with it." She shares. "Hiking though, is something I love to do. I walk my dogs for an hour up Hollywood Hills."

When she’s not feeling like going out, Andrea does her workout indoors with her home exercise equipment.

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