Amanda Seyfried’s Diet and Exercise Tips to Become the Next Hottest Star

November 24, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

This blonde beauty with the gorgeous green eyes, porcelain skin and enviably plump pout has quickly skyrocketed to fame with movies like "Mama Mia!", "Mean Girls", "Jennifer’s Body" and "Dear John". Truly, Amanda Seyfried is now a certified Hollywood A-lister. But in a celebrity culture where actors are prepped for the press like political candidates, this 24 year old actress is a breath of fresh air. How does she keep up with the pressures of being required to look good all the time?

"I’m not a beautiful prom-girl type." Amanda admits. "I easily gain a lot of weight, so I have to take care of my body."

During her interviews, it was revealed that Amanda Seyfried’s diet consists mainly of raw food. This eating plan is based on the belief that cooking diminishes the nutritional value and "life force" of food. The raw food diet’s recommended dietary intake includes unprocessed and preferably organic food such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seaweed, dried fruit and beans.

"Yes, I’m in a raw food diet. It’s intense, but you know, I have to work hard to stay thin." She says. "Yesterday I had spinach for lunch. Spinach and some seeds."

Amanda-Seyfried.jpgAmanda claims that she only does raw food cleanses to prepare for a photo shoot or an event, but on normal dieting days, she consumes lots of salads, broccoli and salmon.

"I eat lots of protein." Amanda says."I just feel great when I wake up, I eat then I work out. That’s the way I stay in shape."

Amanda Seyfried’s exercise  plan is constantly monitored by her fitness trainer, Harley Pasternak. She does Pilates to stretch and tone her body and also runs on the treadmill for four to five times a week.

When asked about her fit physique, Amanda credits her discipline and hardwork.

"You have to commit to yourself to your goals." She says."It’s worth it, when you get the roles you want and you know you’re healthy."

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