Aisha Tyler’s Diet and Exercise Routines Keep Her Fit

November 22, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Aisha Tyler, the ebony skinned, doe eyed beauty from shows such as "Friends",  "E-Talk Sound", "CSI" and "Ghost Whisperer" has agreed to share her secrets in keeping her knockout shape without depriving herself of her favorite treats. Let’s find out more about this celebrity’s diet and workout regimen.

Aisha Tyler’s diet is unlike any other celebrity diet regime. Whereas other diets are too restrictive, Aisha likes to keep her eating plan well- balanced by indulging in the occasional chocolate treats she absolutely loves. While she admits to not being a big fan of salads, she more than makes up for the treats she consumes by doing regular exercise to burn off the unwanted calories. Aisha Tyler’s diet enables her to eat what she wants in moderation so she wouldn’t need to starve or deprive herself of the little pleasures in life.

aisha-tyler.jpgAisha believes that a positive attitude towards change is the first step towards being fit. She points out that even the most perfect diet regimen will not be effective unless you couple it with the right amount of physical activity. Aisha Tyler’s exercises are routines that she not only finds benefitting to her figure, but are also activities that she enjoys doing. She jogs, goes hiking, does yoga, snowboards during winter time and uses the elliptical machine to keep her in shape. 

More than that, Aisha Tylers’s exercises are not done just to keep her in shape, she admits her exercise routine gives her solitary time for reflection and visioning, making her more committed to the goals she has set for attaining a sound mind and healthy body.

She gets up from bed around 3 in the morning just to workout. Because of her self-discipline and ability to keep her body fit, she was asked to contribute an article to Glamour magazine entitled "Real Women, Real Bodies" last September 2005. The article was about dieting, losing weight, enhancing body image, together with the different eating disorders in Hollywood and in the United States.

Aisha Tyler is beautiful proof that eating a well-balanced meal, together with regular exercise is the formula for keeping you in great shape. She has showed that discipline in eating whatever you like goes a loooong way in losing weight and keeping it off.

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