Adrianne Curry’s Diet And Exercise Regimen

November 22, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

America’s first "Top Model" Adrianne Curry surely has the curves to prove her title right. When asked about her secret for keeping that sexy, to-die-for bod, the two time cover girl for Playboy Magazine readily obliged with an answer.

"The right balance between diet and exercise." She admits. “I once tried to crash diet. I was on a no-carb diet, which meant no butter, no sugar, no bread, and no fun."

Adrianne_Curry.jpgAt present, she swears by a consistent eating plan to maintain her weight so she’d never resort to crash dieting again. Adrianne Curry’s diet is a low fat, high fiber eating plan with emphasis on picking foods that are more natural, less processed but still using the traditional cooking methods. For this Macrobiotic diet, the recommended dietary intake are whole grains like brown rice, grain products like pasta, plus both cooked and raw vegetables, bean products, nuts, fruits, fish and mild beverages.

Adrianne Curry’s diet is actually quite easy to follow. She starts her day with whole wheat cereals, some fruit, and a glass of skim milk. For lunch, she indulges in high protein food and ends her day with a flavorful meal of grilled chicken with steamed vegetables. She makes sure to carry with her a pack of her favorite almonds to munch on between meals.

Adrianne believes that finding the proper diet will only help her lose weight, if she couples it with a proper exercise regimen. Adrianne Curry’s exercise routine was something taught to her by a personal trainer she hired until she fully grasped the workout routine. Currently, she spends around two hours in the gym, at least 5 times a week. Adrianne Curry’s exercise concentrates mostly on cardio, strength training and general firming.

Adrianne has always been very vocal of her dislike for the assumption that women should have model-thin bodies to be considered fit and sexy. She asserts that for keeping healthy and losing weight effectively, there is nothing more effective than proper diet and regular physical activity.

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