Adriana Lima’s Diet Secret: Portion Control

July 22, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Being a supermodel isn’t easy at all, and it is even more difficult if you are Victoria’s Secrets leading supermodel. Adriana Lima has always looked great while enjoying all types of food. How is that possible you might ask. Well Adriana Lima’s diet is based on portion control.

Adriana can eat anything she wants, which is great considering she loves chocolate, as long as she doesn’t eat too much. In her words “As the day goes on, I keep going smaller with my portions.” A simple diet plan that is easy to remember and follow.

Adriana says she tried dieting but she just can’t handle not having the freedom to eat whatever she like during a meal. For example she tried eliminating meat from her diet and she couldn’t last more than 3 days. Here is what she said “I tried to give up meat last week, but I only lasted three days. I just couldn’t do it. I love meat, chocolate, and cakes.”


Adriana Lima’s diet is based on her Brazilian ethnicity. She just love eating Brazilian food which is very tasty and rich in vegetables and fruits. You should definitively improve your cooking skills by adding some healthy Brazilian food recipes to your repertoire.

Considering the great results Adriana Lima has with portion control, you should definitively give it a try. Most often than not, you are probably eating more food than your body really requires. Try reducing the amount of food you eat during the day and I am sure you will see results soon. I don’t know if you will get a body just like Adriana Lima, but you will lose weight for sure.

To tone her body, Adriana does lots and lots of cardio exercises. She loves Copoeira, a traditional Brazilian martial art that combines play fighting, dancing, acrobatics and music into a fat melting workout. She also likes boxing because it is energetic and engaging. All this fighting workout maybe makes her dangerous, but for sure it makes her super hot.

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