Accept your body as it is: great because it’s yours

March 24, 2009

Health & Motivation

Sometimes you are proud and sometimes you detest your body. Sometimes you want to show it off and feel the envious gazes and at other times you want to hide you body.

You don’t pamper your body too often and too many timed you make it take a punishment by subjecting it to drastic diets and excess physical workout. Your relationship with your body mustn’t worry you as long as it is in the normal limits. Women take the worst beating form society when it comes to creating a dysfunctional mind body relationship for them

From the start of time women wanted to sculpt their body in an ideal shape to gain the admiration of her pears. Today the perfect figure is slim and energetic. At other times women had to be rounder to be desirable women. Slim or a little fuller, small or tall, all women desire the figures of the supermodels. But taking in consideration the fact that only a small percent of all the feminine population has a chance to acquiring such a body it is important to accept and love your figure and body, to eat healthy foods, to workout and to learn, discover and appreciate your physical qualities.


The ideal for every body size

Fashion, cultural patterns, family or your own desires are just some f the elements that contribute to the construction of the ideal female figure for each decade.

Every woman in her own way tries to achieve that desired ideal figure. Most often all the parameters remain in the normal range of functioning. Anorexia, bulimia and other metabolic and psychological unbalances are the negative extremes of the ideal figure phenomenon.

How can you know if the care you display for your looks is pathological or not? Well the specialists claim that if your looks preoccupy you more than one hour a day including working hours and if a simple get together becomes an excruciating torture because of the image you want to project, then it’s time to ask for help form the professionals.

Anyway you don’t need the assistance of a psychologist to figure out that form all these variables, the only one you can control is how you feel in your own skin. For most of us just a simple inner talk with pro and against arguments related to our look will be enough to convince us that we don’t look that bad. Actually we are pretty sexy and smoking hot. Additionally some minor changes in your lifestyle and eating habits can make miracles happen. Even in extreme cases, body treatments, the way you dress and sometimes even plastic surgery can prove extremely efficient. But basically it’s all in your head and the best one to make the changes there is you.

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