A Winter Exercise Plan: don’t let winter stop your workout routine

February 22, 2010

Exercise & Fitness

Increasingly low temperatures and oppressive weather, specific to this period, urge us to stay as close to the "fireplace", perhaps with a cup of mulled wine … seductive image, huh? It is hard to see yourself going outside in a gym costume. But hibernation is for bears. To keep yourself in shape and not panic in the summer, it is necessary to be active in the winter and do not use cold as an excuse … an excuse you probably do not believe yourself.

I can hear you saying: "What exercises can anyone do in the winter?”. Cut this false argument from the list because you have where to choose from: walking, jogging trails (do no to tell me that your entire city is covered by ice!), refreshing gymnastics – you avoid it every morning, but you could use it, a lot! – And, of course, you can very well work in the fitness room. Here are some recommendations that you should follow, if you count among the courageous ones that choose to defy the cold and do outdoor sports.

-Warming up is more important than ever, because the low temperature will lead to muscle contractions, so you risk to get injured "easier and faster" than you thought.
-Be very careful when choosing your clothing. This does not mean you have to dress in bulky clothes that hinder your movements, but it does not mean you have to freeze to death. A suitable combination consists of a woolen sweater, a jacket and trousers made from sports fabric. The jacket should protect you from wind and moisture – there are clothing of this type that is equipped with an insulating material. Optional, put on a cotton t-shirt underneath sweater.
– Try not to sweat as much as possible- physical effort should be moderate. Do not start from the wrong premise according to which sweat is a "guarantee" that training is effective. If you sweat, chills will occur immediately, and the next training will take place in the best case, in about ten days. You will be to busy treating your cold in those 10 days …
-Do not take of your clothes as soon as you got home, although it is very tempting. It is very important that you leave your body time to adjust to the temperature difference. In extreme cases the sudden transition from cold to warm can lead to hypothermia. Try to stay in your sweater for at least fifteen minutes.
-Drink plenty of water – we should not consider this problem only in the summer, but in the winter as well. Even if you are not that thirsty, the balance of the body also maintains through an optimal level of hydration.
-It is best to do your training before dark. But as the days are so short this time of year and your program at work is so busy, this goal is nearly impossible to achieve. Well, if you go to the park, you might want to dress in clothes that are colorful to make sure you are seen from a distance. Cars do not go through parks, but bikes do, and accidents can happen.

But if the thought of starting jogging when the thermometer reads below 32 degrees makes you want to curl up under the sheets … do not; the idea is not to surrender, but to switch your focus to fitness facilities or to create your own gym at home – to start, you do not need more than a few dumbbells and a jump rope.

Later, after you get some experience, you can "host" a very useful medical bike for your workout routines. And do not forget, of course, the classic stairs … go up and down stairs, abandon the elevator! You may not always be willing to exercise, but it will be so good in the summer when shorts and dresses will not constitute a forbidden luxury for you!

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