A Super Weight Loss Diet from Denmark: lose 8 pounds in 12 days

August 4, 2009

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Lately I meet some friendly people from Denmark and they shared with me a super weight loss diet. This diet was perfected by the nutritionists form the Copenhagen State Hospital. They say that this weight loss diet gets fabulous results in just 12 days. All you have to do is renounce eating all that junk food and follow this died and you can lose 8 pounds in 12 days.

Here is what you eat during the day:

For breakfast you eat daily one cup of coffee with one sugar cube in it. Once every 3 days you can eat for breakfast one slice of toast.


For lunch you have to switch what you eat form day to day. In the first day you eat 2 boiled eggs and how much spinach you like with tomato sauce. On the following day you eat 200 grams of boiled beef with how much yogurt you want. You just keep switching these two lunch meal options form day to day.

For supper if you have eaten eggs for lunch you eat 200 grams of boiled meat with all the salad you want. The salad is made with one spoon of virgin olive oil and lots of lemon juice. If you have eaten meat for lunch you eat eggs with spinach for supper. During the weekend you can go wild and add in your vegetable salad you can add celery and carrots. As a supplement drink one glass of fresh homemade fruit juice.

After you lose weight following this weight loss diet you can maintain your weight by going to 2 massage sessions every week and working out frequently. If you don’t have time to go to the gym you can exercise at home.

If you need to lose 8 pounds in 12 days you should try this weight loss diet from Denmark.

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