A Super Fast Diet for Rapid Weight Loss

You have to look good for an upcoming event but you haven’t been exercising lately and you have been eating whatever is available. You would wish there was a magical formula to remove quickly those extra pounds. Well there is a super fast diet that can help you to lose weight rapidly.

For a couple of days follow this diet and you can achieve rapid weight loss:

For breakfast you eat: one cup of milk with cereals or 2 slices of toast with butter. You can drink water or plain tea if you are thirsty.


For a light morning snack you can have: 1 banana or a small cup of rice boiled in milk or 1 sandwich with cheese and butter.

For lunch you eat: half a can of tuna, a boiled potato mashed with milk. Or you can eat 100 grams of boiled mackerel, 1 boiled potato and 1 spoon of mayo. Ot you can eat 2 backed potatoes with cottage cheese.

For an after lunch snack you can have: a small yogurt without fruits or 2 slices of toast with a spoon of jam, or a small cup of rice boiled in milk.

For supper: grilled light fish with 2 boiled potatoes or some grilled chicken breast with 2 streamed carrots or 100 grams of peas. You have to eat supper before 7pm.

For a night snack you can have: 1 small cup of rice boiled in milk, 1 banana or just 1 glass of milk.

You should not overdo it and keep this diet for a long period of time. 1-2 weeks of dieting are enough. If you need to lose more than a couple of pounds you should speak with a nutritionist to create for you a complete weight loss plan.

Some extra tips to help you lose an extra 2 pounds per week:

Empty your fridge before you start any rapid weight loss diet. Throw out anything tempting that might break your will.

Tell you are on a weight loss diet only to those close friends that you know will help you lose weight. Negative people can put a big dent in your weight loss efforts.

Before going grocery shopping create a list with what you have to buy. Buy only what is on the list and you will avoid buying fattening food. Plus you will save some money too.

For the whole week while on the super fast diet the only fruits you can eat are bananas, sour cherries and strawberries.

Avoid eating more than 75 grams of butter during the whole week while dieting.

Never skip eating breakfast.

Drink as much water as you can. But don’t go overboard. 8-12 cups of water per day are enough. Water will reduce the hunger sensation and will help you eat less.

I wish you good luck losing weight rapidly using this fast diet.

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