7 Home Gym Tips: How to build a home gym

February 12, 2010

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A fitness room in your home gives you the comfort of your home and lets you practice when you have the time. Walking to health clubs, transporting your equipment, looking for a parking place or unwanted comments are in the past. However, you must take into consideration some things before you start planning the gym.

Most people buy inadequate equipment, expensive equipment (you really do not need to buy all the inventions presented on TV in November) and finally, they get to use the fitness room for storage space or as a drier. We offer you some tips to avoid mistakes and make the most of your investment. Here is how to build a home gym that you will actually use:


Home Gym Tip no 1: Measure the room or the available space

The first step you need to make is to start measuring the available space for the gym. This will allow you to choose those devices that really fit into the "sport" area of the house. Also, make a plan for their settlement, to make sure there will be enough space. It is very important that you keep a space for the exercises that are performed on the ground, for warm-up and for stretching.

Home Gym Tip no 2: Do some research before you buy a device

Say what you will but there is no machine that can help you perform every exercise. So make some research before you buy a device – is it suitable for what you need? Will it help you get where you want? And is the quality / price ratio an acceptable one? Do not be fooled by offers of very low prices, miracle devices or other things like that. If you do not know if the device fits your needs, ask an impartial fitness trainer.

Home Gym Tip no 3: Buy only what you need

Once you determine which device you need (for the leg muscles, the arms, abdominal, etc…); Make sure that you will use it to the maximum. Do not buy appliances that have a multitude of functions that you know you will never use. If you want to work your leg muscles, focus on a device that fully executes these moves, not all sorts of unnecessary "additions". However, think if other people will want to use this device. Try to buy something that will be easy to use for all family members that show an interest in sports. Do not buy complex devices, which are usually bought by health clubs. Personal equipment is cheaper, easier to install and easy to maintain.

Home Gym Tip no 4: Buy your gym in baby steps

Do not start with huge amounts invested in the fitness room at home. It is best to start with basic equipment: weights, stability balls, mats, ropes, etc… As you better understand the needs of the body when it comes to fitness, you can invest in more expensive devices.

Home Gym Tip no 5: TV and / or music

A TV or devices for listening music are ideal for the fitness room. But do not abuse the TV so do not transform the fitness room in a place you can quietly watch your favorite series. If you know it will distract you, drop it. You should get a CD player and put an entertaining music that will motivate you to move in the same pace. Here are some tips to help you find the best workout music.Keep in mind! Both TV and music are there to relax. Attention should be focused on the sport!

Home Gym Tip no 6: Ask for advice from professionals

Ask the opinion of a professional coach about the equipment that you want to buy or about the way to use it. Do not hesitate to call him for the slightest puzzle. Better to guard yourself than to be sorry.

Home Gym Tip no 7: Keep the children close

If the children are used to playing in the attic or in the basement, those would be the best places to "install" your fitness center. So you can spend more time with them and – in addition – you can awake their appetite for sports. However, take great care with dangerous equipment, they might get hurt. Especially watch over very young children and explain to others that they should not approach the apparatus without being supervised by an adult.

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