7 Health Benefits of Frequent Aerobic Workouts

October 13, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

When you do an intense aerobic workout many of your muscles get exercises and you also get to improve your breathing, lung capacity and heart rate. Basically any aerobic workout is a total body workout.

There are many forms of aerobic exercises and activities. If you go walk your dog, go skiing, play tennis or engage in any sport you probably are know the health benefits of a good aerobic workout. With that help of frequent aerobic workouts you can lose weight fast, handle stress better, strengthen your immune system and reduce the risk of some diseases. By doing aerobic exercises you can improve your overall wellbeing and health. An intense aerobic workout improves all your bodily functions and it makes you feel healthy and happy at the same time.


The 7 health benefits of frequent aerobic workouts:

1) Aerobic exercises strengthen your heart: your heart is a muscle too and it needs exercise to become more powerful. Aerobic exercises stimulate your heart and make it pump more blood. This is a great workout for your heart which will enable it to pump more blood when you aren’t doing any exercises. A good healthy hast is required if you want to enjoy a long and healthy life.

2) You lose weight fast: by combining frequent aerobic workouts with a good healthy diet that works you will lose weight quite fast. During an aerobic workout your body burns a lot of calories. If you want to burn fat make sure you choose a low to moderate intensity aerobic workout. It takes a lot more time but it melts the fat away. If you do an intense aerobic workout you will burn the glycogen found in your body and not your fat deposits.

3) Frequent aerobic workouts improve your state of mind: by exercising frequently you release lots of endorphins in your body. Endorphins are natural painkillers and mood enhancers. The rush of endorphins in your body will also help you get rid of stress and depression.

4) Your immune system gets strengthened: the people that exercise frequently get sick less often than couch potatoes do. Aerobic exercises help you activate your immune system and prepare it for the fight against infections and viruses.

5) Aerobic exercises make you feel more energetic: a good workout will make you feel a little tired afterwards but soon you will feel a rush of energy and power. The tiredness is replaced by a feeling of calm which makes it possible to get more done during a day.

6) It reduces the risk of getting some diseases: by working out frequently you avoid and prevent heart problems, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis…

7) You will live a long happy life if you exercise frequently: aerobic workouts help you improve the state of the blood vessels that take blood to your muscles. That way your muscles will get more oxygen, which in turn will be able to help you eliminate more toxins form your body. That way you will have a long healthy pain free life.

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